Ballet Dancer

My daughter, who will be 12 next week, asked me to google a silhouette of a ballet dancer. She said she wanted to put it on her wall so that she could surround herself with things she loved. 

I suggested that I could take a photograph of her and print it out. She was not convinced. She wanted a silhouette. How the heck was I going to do that, she wondered. She's seen my photographs, and they're not silhouettes, but she agreed to give it a go after some persuation. 

I wanted her to have something to put on the wall that was real - something that she loved - and was her, rather than someone else. I want her to be proud of what she is, not what someone else is. 

This is what we came up with. 


She is proud of it. I am too. Mostly I'm proud of her. I think she is too.