Redbox Architects Ltd

Here are some photographs of a beautiful modern house in Nelson we photographed last week for Redbox Architects Ltd.. 

We stayed around until sunset, which was well worth it...

Keogan House

This is the view from the street...

Nelson house
second story

I loved the embedded welcome stones.


This pellet stove heats the open plan downstairs area...

pellet stove

Looking the other way is the elegant kitchen and dining room area...


The kitchen by Living Design is amazingly well layed out with the fridge and dishwasher neatly tucked out of view in drawers. I'm not sure about the coloured accent light though. 

The kitchen has good counter space...


Nice wooden cabinetry in the bathrooms also. 


Inviting pool (it was hot when we took this shot)...


The view from the living room over Nelson...


I was amazed to see the 'welcome' stones glowing when we left in the dark... How cool is that?!

glowing welcome