The Suter

Did you make it to the reopening of The Suter Art Gallery in Nelson yesterday? I've been taking photographs of the progress of the construction for Contour Roofing who manufactured the zinc siding. The architects, Warren and Mahoney, designed the new structure around the existing 1899 heritage building. It's definitely worth checking out. 

The new modern entrance sits alongside the original wall.

Suter Entrance
new entrance to The Suter in Nelson
Nelson's Suter art gallery entrance

The old "Suter Memorial Art Gallery" name is prominent as you walk inside the entrance. 

The Suter original name

This is the original eave (as viewed from the roof).

The Suter original

The cafe is in the same location with a view over the pond...

overview of The Suter

The boardwalk passes outside art installations

The Suter art on display

with the inside art also visible.

art on display at the Nelson Suter
outside art at The Suter in Nelson
statue at The Suter in Nelson
art on display at The Suter in Nelson

The zinc siding covers the entire South face with interesting aspects and corners. 

Zinc siding on The Suter
Zinc contours
Zinc siding of the Suter in Nelson
exterior of The Suter in Nelson

Since this week looks like more rain, this may be the perfect outing for the family during the last week of School holidays. 

For information about what's on display, go to the Suter website