Kaiteriteri Enduro Style Points

Here are a few of my favorite images from the Kaiteriteri Enduro Mountain Bike Race on Sunday.

To start with, a big smile always goes a long way...


So does colour. Check out these shorts...


And this top.

If these guys got together, imagine how fast they would go.

Enduro race

Pink leopard print is always worth a mention...

leopard print

Sam Knowles may not score points for colour coordination, but he can fly. I needed a wider angle lens to capture him in mid flight. He should have a pilot's licence for his bike. He literally flies down the hill. Very impressive air time. 

Sam Knowles

Talk about flying, here's someone to watch out for (Tasman de Leeuw)...

Tasman de Leeuw

Here are a few more fun photographs...


If you would like to order any prints from the Kaiteriteri Weekender, follow this link.