Modo Architects

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this inspiring house by Modo Architects

The house sits up on the Richmond Hills, commanding an amazing perch looking over the valley and across to Mt. Arthur. 

Not just the view, but the expansive overlook is enhanced by the architecture of the house. 

I was thoroughly impressed with the constant gentle transition between inside and outside. That inside / outside flow permeates the house. The sun flows in, but can be controlled by sliding slats on the exterior of the deck. These screens made the house fun to photograph. It was interesting to be able to use the slats to create shadows and frames for the photographs. 

Modo Architects

The panels slide on rails as you can see from this animation...

animated screens

Well angled LED lighting by Nelson based Switch Lighting accentuates the contours and textures making it feel multi-dimensional. 

living room
Sliding Screens
modern kitchen
switch lighting

The effective use of colours also adds to the feel of depth...

dinning room

Here's a view of the South side of the house with that amazing inside / outside transition which can be controlled with the windows and sliding screens.

I shouldn't overlook the entrance, which guides you into the house with funtional elegance and style.


And yes, the bathrooms had views also...

bathroom with a view

The round porthole is a cozy reading nook and a reminder to the owners of being at sea on their boat. And it looks good. 

port hole