Tapu Tree

I dragged myself out of bed this morning at 3:00 am. The plan was to scout a location for a night shoot. The tide was all the way in, so I headed to a little spot that I've been before a few times. It's in Tapu Bay in Kaiteriteri. 

I setup a light (Elinchrom Quadra strobe) to illuminate the foreground. By the time I sorted things out, the tide had retreated from the little island that I was photographing. There was still water on the ground, but the ripple texture was showing through with the stars reflecting in the water.

Oliver Weber Photography.jpg

It's actually two little islands and looks very different from this angle. 


Yes, this is the same island...

landscape photography OWP9995.jpg

If you're interested in taking night photos, keep in mind what the moon is doing. If you want to see the stars, wait until the moon has set, or before it rises. Also look for a clear night. A little cloud isn't bad though - like in this shot. Catch up on sleep when its overcast - or wait until sunrise.

If you need the tide to be low also, for example, things can get rather tricky.