Cloudy Bay Wines

These product photographs were taken to showcase the range of Cloudy Bay Wines in a setting and style that represents the character of each wine.  Art direction was by Zee Agency in Paris.

The Chardonnay was photographed at the edge of the Barracks Vineyard in Marlborough at sunrise. 


The Pinot Noir was set up near the cellar door of Cloudy Bay Wines in Blenheim. This was taken at sunset to get the red reflection of the clouds, which represent the fruity, deep, strong, ripe fruits. We were hoping for a colourfull sunset with reds showing behind the hills in the background.  We looked up and saw the red sky behind us. The team were disappointed until I showed them how the colours were reflecting in the bottle and glass. It turned out better than we imagined. A large fire was burning in the hills visible in the background. 

Pinot Noir

Te Wahi was photographed in the evening at the Cloudy Bay Central Otago vineyard. The brief called for "mysterious, earthy - a strange cloudy sky in the background". We had planned to shoot in the opposite direction from the same spot. It wasn't coming together. We looked behind us and saw the clouds roll over the hills above the lake. They looked strange and mysterious. We had our shot...

Te Wahi

Pelorus was in Kumutoto Bay in the Marlborough Sounds. I was shooting from the dock. I took this shot just before a large cloud darkened the landscape. 


Te Koko was in the large cellar behind the tasting rooms. 

Te Koko

The Sauvinon Blanc was photographed very close to where the Pinor Noir was shot, but earlier in the afternoon. The Sauvignon Blanc brief used the words "light, green, fresh and vibrant". 


It was a pleasure working with Zee Agency and the LVMH team from Paris.

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